Letter 21: 6 June 1806

Letter 21: 6 June 1806

  • Physical form: One half sheet folded into 2 leaves (12.7 x 20.3 cm); fol. 2r blank; 2v is cover
  • Cover: Miss Rickards / Church Row / Hampstead / Middlesex
  • PM: 7 o’Clock JU 6 180[6] N.T
  • WM: Part of a crest
  • SM: Misc MS 4362

My dear Miss Rickards,

I am much obliged to Mrs Rickards & yourself for your kind invitation, but it will not be in our power to accept of it—As to Miss Estlin, [1] she will be returned to Bristol by the time you mention. & we shall ourselves be just on the eve of a journey, as Mr Barbauld has to preach the annual Sermon of the South Unitarians at Lewes this year, & I shall accompany him if the weather is favourable, & take a little tour. [2] We must therefore defer to some future time the pleasure of visiting Hampstead again—Indeed I must come & pick up my goods & chattels before we get into our new house, [3] & therefore you will be so good as to remember that we shall claim our chairs, probably in two or three month’s time. I

[fol 1v] am glad to hear so good an account of worthy Mrs Plumptre. [4] Remember us to Miss Baillies & all our friends—If you see Mr Lewis [5] tell him how sorry we were to be abroad when he called—I have not just now time to write more, nor indeed any thing particular to say but that which I hope you need not be told that I am Your’s & Mrs Rickards

affte & faithful

AL Barbauld

Miss Estlin desires her Compts & thanks for your invitation


[1] "Miss Estlin": See Note 1 to Letter 20. BACK

[2] RB preached the sermon at the annual meeting of the Southern Unitarian Book Society, at Lewes in Sussex, on 25 June; afterwards the Barbaulds visited the Isle of Wight (ALBVE, 436). BACK

[3] "our new house": After renting in Stoke Newington the Barbaulds bought a house in Church Road. They took occupancy in September. BACK

[4] "Mrs. Plumptre": See Note 3 to Letter 17. BACK

[5] "Mr. Lewis": A Hampstead neighbor. BACK