Song: The Shepherd and his Dog Rover


ROVER, awake! the grey Cock crows!
Come, shake your coat and go with me!
High in the East the green Hill glows;
And glory crowns our shelt’ring Tree.
The Sheep expect us at the fold: 5
My faithful Dog, let’s haste away,
And in his earliest beams behold,
And hail, the source of cheerful day.
Half his broad orb o’erlooks the Hill,
And darting down the Valley flies: 10
At every casement welcome still;
The golden summons of the skies.
Go, fetch my Staff; and o’er the dews
Let Echo waft thy gladsome voice,
Shall we a cheerful note refuse 15
When rising Morn proclaims ‘rejoice.’
Now then we’ll start; and thus I’ll sling
Our store, a trivial load to bear:
Yet, ere night comes, should hunger sting,
I’ll not encroach on Rover’s share. 20
The fresh breeze bears its sweets along;
The Lark but chides us while we stay:
Soon shall the Vale repeat my song;
Go brush before, away, away. [1] 


[1] [1st edn, 1st state adds note:] This story is indeed, ‘full of life and vivifying soul.’ I hear this also is set to music by the author’s brother. And I am sure that it is highly suited to musical expression. C. L. 29th Sept. 1801.] omitted in 1st edn, 2nd state and later edns BACK