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Jennifer Castleton

Jennifer Castleton is a composer and musician with an emphasis on piano. She began her musical education at a young age under the instruction of Nancy Darrington. For 7 of those years, she auditioned in the National and Diploma programs for the National Guild of Piano Teachers (a division of the American College of Musicians), where she was awarded top grades in all categories. While earning her BS degree at Brigham Young University, Jennifer continued to be instructed in piano, organ, and music by the university faculty. It was at this time she also began composing music. Jennifer has participated in choirs, performed piano solos, and has accompanied soloists throughout her musicianship. She has gained a real passion for composition over the last 15 years, writing arrangements as well as many original works. Jennifer loves to spread the joy of music to others, whether that be in performing, composing, or teaching her piano students. While she has a great love of music, her primary love and focus is her family, consisting of her caring and supportive husband, Jeff, and their 4 young children.