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Anna Paige Wingfield

Assistant Editor

Anna Paige Wingfield (she/her) is a doctoral student studying transatlantic literary ecology and labor in the "Romantic" century, roughly 1750-1850. Her research focuses on landscape poetry, the railway, and the rural/urban divide through New Historicist and Formalist lenses. She has particular interests in grammatical typographies, the industrial economy, and political cultures. Her most recent project interprets the moralization of rural labor as a way of understanding radicalization in revolutionary times. 

Previous research traces William Wordsworth's responses to both emancipation in the 1830s and railway expansion in the 1840s. Forthcoming works further initial arguments on the "grammatical gradualism" that Wordsworth and other rural poets employed as a defense against rapacious industrial expansion at the turn of the century. 

Prior to her doctoral work, Anna Paige earned her BA in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and her MA in English Literature from the University of Virginia. She has taught Honors and SPED English, creative writing, and journalism at the high school level, and she has also taught reading and writing to ESOL learners.