Vol 20. No. 39

Quarterly Review
VOLUME 20, NUMBER 39 (1820)

General Index for Numbers 1-38


  • The publisher's decision to date the General Index 1820 contributes to the confusion over the QR's real publication dates and the dates that appear on the journal's title pages (concerning which, see this website's essay on the topic). The first part of the General Index was published in March 1820 and the second part in June of that year. As the year on the title page for Volume 19 is 1818 and that for Volume 21 is 1819, the sequence of the QR's title page dates was therefore corrupted.

  • Courier, 10 March 1820, announcing the publication of QR Number 44: 'At the same time is published No. XXXIX. being Part I (to be completed in Two Parts) of a GENERAL INDEX to the first Nineteen Volumes of the Quarterly Review—which the Subscribers are requested to order from their respective booksellers.'

  • Courier, 10 June 1820, announcing the publication of QR Number 45: 'No XL, containing the Second and concluding Part of the Index, is also published. And complete Sets may be had of the first XX Volumes of the Quarterly Review.'

  • Anne Cleaver, an original subscriber, recorded in her copy of the first part of the General Index that she received it on March 20th. She does not indicate when she received the second part. [Present writer's collection]