Bristol: Romantic City

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18-22 SEPTEMBER 1998

University of Bristol

Keynote Lectures to be given by:
  • Marilyn Butler (Exeter College, Oxford)
  • Stuart Curran (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Francis Greenacre (Bristol City Art Gallery)
  • Anne Janowitz (University of Warwick)
  • Anne Mellor (U.C.L.A.)
  • Michael Neve (The Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine)
  • Nicholas Roe (University of St Andrew's)
  • Mark Storey (University of Birmingham)
  • Stuart Andrews (ex Headmaster of Clifton College): "Factitious Airs and Seditious Politics:Thomas Beddoes and poetic protest"
  • Michael Bradshaw (University of Bristol): "Beddoes and Bristol"
  • Fran Chalfont (University of West Georgia): "Wales Past"
  • Richard Cronin (University of Glasgow): "Joan of Arc"
  • Nora Crook (Anglia Polytechnic University): "Mary Shelley's Pencil"
  • Graham Davidson: "Pantisocracy, Property and Coleridge's Real Radicalism"
  • David Duff (University of Aberdeen): Movable Verses': Generic Labelling in the Cottle Circle"
  • Brian Edgar: "Southey's Political Posturing"
  • Tim Fulford (Nottingham Trent University): "Forbidden Fruit: Romanticism, Breadfruit and Slavery"
  • John Goodridge (Nottingham Trent University): "Creative Responses to Chatterton"
  • Bruce Graver (Providence College, USA): "The Bristol Imprint of Lyrical Ballads: A Reassessment"
  • Richard Gravil (University College of St Mark & St John): "Uncertain Notice: Tintern Abbey and the Politics of Nature"
  • Nick Groom (University of Exeter): "The Marvellous Boy and the Second Chatterton"
  • Alan Halsey: "Thomas Lovell Beddoes in Context"
  • Maurice Hindle (The Open University): "Humphry Davy"
  • Karen Hunt (California State University): "The Bristol and Clifton Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society"
  • Robert Jones (University of Wales, Aberystwyth: "War, Commerce and Chatterton's Memory"
  • Greg Kucich (University of Notre Dame, US: "Hannah More"
  • Jacqueline Labbe (University of Sheffield): "Whither Romance? Mary Robinson's Lyrical Tales"
  • Michael Liversidge (University of Bristol): "J M W Turner and Bristol"
  • Francis Lo (University of Sussex): "Thomas Beddoes's Alexander's Expedition & Robert Southey's The Curse of Kehama: two Bristol views of the British Empire in India"
  • Muriel Maby: "John King - Surgeon and Friend of the Bristol School of Artists"
  • Philip Martin (Cheltenham & Gloucester CHE): "Coleridge's Tour with Hucks 1794"
  • Angela Merte (Universitdt Gesamthochschule Siegen): "Literature as Organism -- or the Status of the Body in Coleridge's Bristol Writings"
  • Ayumi Mishiro (University of Bristol): "Wordsworth and the Noble Savage"
  • Christopher Moylan (New York Institute of Tehnology): "In the Air: The Bristol Circle and T.L. Beddoes's Early Poetry"
  • Karen O'Brien (University of Wales, Cardiff): "Coleridge, Southey and the Bristol Critique of Empire"
  • Kaz Oishi (Keble College, Oxford): "Preach Gospel to the Poor Bristol Dissenters and Coleridge's Political Discourses"
  • Ellen Palmer (McMaster University, Ontario): "Chatterton, Rowley and Medieval Bristol in 18th century Britain"
  • Seamus Perry (University of Glasgow): "A Sense of Not Ending: Inconclusiveness and Disappointment in Lyrical Ballads 1798"
  • Lynda Pratt (Queen's University of Belfast): "Tea & Cultural History: Two Bristol Writers of the 1790s and the Quest for a National Epic"
  • Shelly Rees (University of North Texas): "Masculinity and the (Re)Subversion of Romantic Hierarchies: Spheres of Tragedy"
  • Sharon Ruston (University of Liverpool): "Davy, Abernethy, Shelley: Electricity as the Principle of Life"
  • Diego Saglia (University of Bath): "Mary Robinson's The Progress of Liberty"
  • Julia Saunders (Wolfson College, Oxford): "Hannah More and the politics of slavery: abolition and the working-class reader"
  • Christopher Smith (Manchester Metropolitan University): "What is become of Moschus? (Robert Lovell)"
  • Chine Sonoi (University of Ryukyu, Japan): "Wordsworth and the Slave Trade"
  • Mary Waldron: "Ann Yearsley: the Political Dimension, 1787-1796)"
  • Hisaaki Yamanouchi (Japan Women's University): "Coleridge's Pathographia Literaria"
If you would like further information on the conference, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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