About This Resource

About this Resource

There are 22 Shelley notebooks in the Bodleian Library: i.e. MSS. Shelley d. 1 through d. 3 and e. 1 through e. 4; and MSS. Shelley adds. e. 6 through e. 20. This Romantic Circles component was created to aid scholars who wish to locate materials contained in the Bodleian Library notebooks. It has been created from a revised version of Tatsuo Tokoo's article originally published in Humanities: Bulletin of the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto Prefectural University [ISSN 0075-7381], No. 36 (December 1984), pp. 1-32. An additiona l feature, not in the original article, is an Appendix in which Tokoo lists the contents of Bodleian MS. Shelley adds. c. 4 -- a box containing loose sheets of Shelley's verse and prose.

The links below provide users with three different modes of access to the contents of the MSS. Users can view a page by page summary of the contents of all the notebooks, or view an alphabetical index of the notebooks. These notebooks are available in photofacsimile editions, with complete transcriptions in the Bodleian Shelley Manuscripts Series.