Editorial Policy

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Every potential contribution to Romantic Circles undergoes a careful peer-review process. First, the General Editors must agree that a particular submission—whether it is an electronic edition, a reference tool, or some other resource—is worthy of consideration and has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the Romantic Circles Website and to the study of Romanticism.

Then 1-3 additional reviewers, who remain anonymous but are usually drawn from our distinguished Board, are assigned to view and evaluate the submission, and to offer their opinions on its usefulness to the field of Romantic studies and to scholarship as a whole. To be mounted on Romantic Circles, the submission must be among the best of its kind, whether it is an electronic edition, resource, or critical essay. It must contain original and important material, clear and effective style, and scholarship of the first order. Criteria for evaluation also include the extent to which the submission makes use of the potential of the electronic medium, including the degree to which it exploits the formal and logical features of hypertext and hypermedia, and of the networked possibilities offered by the Web itself.

The General Editors then weigh the reviewers' reports in making a collective decision about whether to mount and publish the new resource at Romantic Circles. If this decision is positive, the resource undergoes a separate process of stylistic mark-up, copyediting, and proofreading, and sometimes more extensive revision, before being mounted in publicly accessible Webspace.

The collections gathered under the Romantic Praxis Series and RC Reviews require a somewhat different treatment, since they are first commissioned or accepted for potential consideration (1) by the editor of a particular volume of reviews or essays, and then (2) by the Editors of each section—Praxis or Reviews. Afterwards, the General Editors of Romantic Circles must vett and approve the individual contributions as well as each collection before it is finally included in the site.

Contact the General Editors of Romantic Circles with proposals and submissions for consideration and review.