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Re-reading Box Hill: reading the practice of reading everyday life

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About the Contributors to Re-reading Box Hill: reading the practice of reading everyday life

Michael Gamer Michael Gamer is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. Articles by him have appeared in ELH, PMLA, Theater Survey, Studies in Romanticism, and other journals. His first book, Romanticism and the Gothic: Genre, Reception, and Canon Formation, will be published in September 2000 by Cambridge University Press. He is currently completing an edition of Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto for Penguin Classics, which will appear in the Fall of 2000. With Jeffrey Cox, he is editing Romantic Period Drama: An Anthology, which will be published by Broadview Press in 2001.

William Galperin is Professor of English at Rutgers University and the author of two books: Revision and Authority in Wordsworth: The Interpretation of a Career (1989) and The Return of the Visible in British Romanticism (1993). He is currently completing a book-length study tentatively titled "The Historical Austen."

George Levine is Kenneth Burke Professor of English, Rutgers University, and Director of the Rutgers Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture. He is author of several books and collections of essays including The Realistic Imagination and Darwin and the Novelists.

Diedre Lynch is Associate Professor of English at the State University of New York, Buffalo. She is the author of The Economy of Character: Novels, Market Culture, and the Business of Inner Meaning (U of Chicago P, 1998), which won the MLA Prize for a First Book. She has also edited Janeites: Austen's Disciples and Devotees (Princeton UP, 2000) and is currently at work on a cultural history of "loving" literature.

Adam Potkay is Associate Professor of English at the College of William & Mary. His publications include The Passion for Happiness: Samuel Johnson and David Hume (Cornell UP, 2000) and The Fate of Eloquence in the Age of Hume (Cornell UP, 1994), as well as many articles on the literature and philosophy of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

William Walling is Professor of English at Rutgers University. He has taught and written on a broad range of subjects, from Shakespeare to contemporary lliterature.

Susan J. Wolfson is Professor of English at Princeton University and the author of numerous articles and essays on writers and issues in the era of British Romanticism. She has recently published Formal Charges: The Shaping of Poetry in British Romanticism (1997) and with Peter Manning has edited Selected Poems of Byron (1996), The Romantics and Some of their Contemporaries (Longman Anthology of British Literature) (1998), and Selected Poems of Hood, Praed, and Beddoes. She is completing a study of issues of gender in the Romantic era, Figures on the Margin.