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You may be interested in the following considering that many Digital Humanities projects have come from Romantic-era studies and considering that we've been skewing some of our discussions here towards digital projects and whatnot. Please consider submitting, dear readers and contributors!

*Electronic Roundtable Demonstrating Digital Pedagogy*

*MLA 2012*
*Seattle, Washington*
*January 5-8, 2012*

Discussions about digital projects and digital tools often focus on
research goals. For this electronic roundtable, we will instead demonstrate
how these digital resources, tools, and projects have been integrated into
undergraduate and graduate curriculum in alignment with the MLA 2012
Presidential Theme: Language, Literature, Learning. Proposals may include
demonstrations of:

-  successful collaboration with undergraduates on your digital scholarly
-  specific assignments, including student learning goals, teaching
strategies, successes/failures, grading rubrics;
-  integrating digital assignments with general education requirements;
-  assessment of student digital projects;
-  constructing syllabi with digital-focused assignments;
-  portals for collecting digital-focused syllabi and assignments.

This Roundtable session will contain up to eight presenters. Presenters
will engage in informal discussion or offer interactive electronic
demonstrations. Electronic roundtables allow attendees to circulate among
eight stations that will be set up around the meeting room with appropriate
audiovisual equipment.

Presenters are welcome from a broad range of institutions with a range of
contexts and budget demands. Selection of participants will be based on a
cross-spectrum of styles, classrooms, student experience, successes, and
failures. If possible, we will try to submit two electronic roundtables;
however, this is a Special Session not yet accepted by the MLA.

300-word proposals by March 1 to Katherine D. Harris (
katherine.harris@sjsu.edu). Please email with questions.

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