CFP: "Innovations in Practice"; an issue of the Romantic Pedagogy Commons

CFP: "Innovations in Practice"; an issue of the Romantic Pedagogy Commons

This issue of The Romantic Pedagogy Commons, Innovations, will, we hope, spawn a subsequent issue, Innovations in Practice.

We are here, in this Innovations issue, publishing innovative course materials. You are invited to participate in a) trying these innovative materials; b) assessing their impact in comparison to traditional course materials; and c) writing a short (3000-word) article about your experience to be considered for an issue called Innovations in Practice.

For example, one could give students a rather traditional, print-based assignment for reading Shelley's "Mont Blanc." One could give to the same group, or to another, a less tradition-bound assignment, one that makes use of visual imagery as a stimulus for thinking. In other words, it might be possible to give half your class one version, half another, and then assess what each group knows about the poem. What were the differences?

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO USE THE MATERIALS PRESENTED HERE, and all are encouraged to SUBMIT AN ESSAY. We are particularly interested in essays from Romanticists who could split up their classes, using "innovative" and "traditional" versions of the same assignment, administer assessments of those versions, and then write about the difference in learning outcomes.


We are also particularly interested in the use of Wikis in courses. If you teach the same Romanticism course each year, would you be able to teach one or two versions of it using a Wiki, and then assess and write an essay comparing your Wiki classes to the more traditional, paper-and-codex-centered classes that you have taught in the past?


The Patacriticism Group has informed us that IVANHOE ( version 1.0 is still in Beta testing. In the future, it will be possible to simply subscribe and log in online. At the moment, however, you must email NINES before using the program in your classes: We welcome any submissions on IVANHOE, whether played on paper, in a blog, or in the new program.

Please send your proposals, submissions, and offers to participate to:

Laura Mandell
Department of English
Miami University Oxford, OH 45056