IVANHOE Game Instructions



The IVANHOE Game Instructions

1. Select a perspective / personality to take on as a persona, a mask.  That is, pretend to be a feminist, a Marxist, an anarchist, a fundamentalist, whatever kind of critic you can imagine. You decide who you will pretend to be:


2. Tell everyone in your group what persona you have selected.  Then decide together which poem you would like to use for the game.

3. Select a word from your passage and change it to another word: the change should reflect your perspective (as feminist, Marxist, anarchist, fundamentalist, etc.)

Word in the passage:

Change it to:


4. Go around in a circle with the members of your group, each taking a turn.  Each person will change a word.  Choose one from your list that someone else has not already changed when it is your turn.

5. Challenge someone (or be challenged) if the change made does not seem to really reflect the persona, the personality a player is pretending to have.  The group will decide whether the challenge is successful or not.  If someone successfully challenges your move, you are out of the game.

6. Players drop out of the game if

a) they are successfully challenged, or

b) they cannot think of any words to change.

7. The last person left in the game wins.  WINNER FOR YOUR GROUP: