Sandwich-Carrots! Dainty Sandwich Carrots

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Item Description: 

"Sandwich-Carrots! Dainty Sandwich Carrots" (1796) portrays a barrow woman selling carrots on an empty but notoriously high-and-fast living London street corner, the fifth earl of Sandwich lurking lecherously behind her. Both the justification for circumscribing women to the domestic sphere and assigning them the responsibility for the social order are embodied by this pair on the city street: the rise of the public citizen and the metropolis was particularly threatening to the moral reformer’s endeavors to reinvigorate national morality in that it allowed for the proliferation of urban prostitution (C. McCreery, Satirical Gaze 41). Ironically, then, the barrow girl offers her subordinated sexual status to assert her only means to financial “empowerment.”