Milman, Henry Hart (1791–1868)

Clergyman, poet and historian. His brilliant career at the University of Oxford included winning the Newdigate Prize in 1812 and he was elected Professor of Poetry 1821–1831. He became a Fellow of Brasenose College in 1814 and was ordained in 1816. Milman’s ecclesiastical career was equally illustrious, despite controversies over his orthodoxy prompted by his History of the Jews (1830), and he became a Canon of Westminster Abbey in 1835 and Dean of St Paul’s in 1849. Milman contributed regularly to the Quarterly Review, had many friends in literary life and continued to enjoy as much prominence as a writer as he did as a cleric. His poetry included the epic, Samor, Lord of the Bright City (1818); in later life he concentrated on history, especially his History of Latin Christianity down to the Death of Pope Nicholas V (1855).

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