Latrobe, Christian Ignatius (1758–1836)

Moravian minister and composer – he was a friend of Joseph Haydn (1732–1809; DNB). Born into the Moravian community at Fulneck, Yorkshire, he was educated in Germany and returned to England in 1784. From 1787 to 1834 he was secretary to the Moravian Brethren’s Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel to the Heathen. In 1790 he initiated the influential Periodical Accounts of Moravian missions, and in 1795 became secretary of the international Moravian church in Britain. He moved in interdenominational evangelical circles and was much sought after by founders of new missionary societies. In 1820 he wrote to Southey complaining about the portrayal of the Moravians in the Life of Wesley (1820). Southey replied that he had not intended to cause offence and offered to make changes in the next edition. Latrobe was clearly not pacified and wrote again. Southey did not reply to this second letter, putting an end to their correspondence.