Corry, Isaac (1753–1813)

Prominent Irish politician. Born in Newry, son of the merchant and MP Edward Corry. Educated at the Royal School, Antrim and BA, Trinity College, Dublin, 1773. Succeeded his father as MP for Newry in the Irish Parliament, 1776. Originally an opposition MP, he first gained office as surveyor-general of the ordnance in 1788 and rose to be Irish Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1799–1804. Always a controversial figure, he fought a duel with the opposition MP, Henry Grattan (1746–1820; DNB), in 1800. He supported the British government’s policies of Union between Britain and Ireland and Catholic Emancipation, but was still dismissed by the Prime Minister, William Pitt (1759–1806; DNB) in 1804. Rickman secured Southey the post of Corry’s secretary in 1801–1802.

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