The Marshalls were intimates of the Wordsworths, Jane Marshall (née Pollard) being
one of Dorothy’s oldest friends. According to a Ph.D. thesis by Derek Denman, John
Marshall purchased lands in the Buttermere, Crummock, and Loweswater area from 1814
onwards. Owen and Smyser cite an apposite letter, dated 12 July 1816, from Sarah Hutchinson
to Thomas Monkhouse: “William and I spent three days, the week before last, with Mr
Marshall at Scale Hill, Lowess Water, Buttermere, & Crumock [sic], viewing his estates
and manor there, and planning his proposed plantations and Improvements. He is going
to plant very largely by the side of the two last lakes—and, as he will only plant
native wood, and in no wise sacrifice beauty to convenience, we expect that his labours
will not only be profitable but ornamental.”