Selected Bibliography

Selected Bibliography


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Periodicals and Newspapers

The following periodicals and newspapers will provide the main source of the poetry in this collection. Several of the periodicals undergo changes in subtitle during the course of publication: the title that appears here is the most familiar title.

The Analytical Review. 1789-1799.

The Annual Register. 1789-1815.

The Annual Review. 1802-1808.

The Anti-Jacobin. 1797.

The Athenaeum. 1807-1809.

The Bee, or Literary Intelligencer. 1790-1794.

The British Poetical Miscellany of 1799.

The Cabinet. 1795.

The Cambridge Intelligencer. 1793-1795

The Champion. 1815.

The Courier. 1796-1804

The Edinburgh Review. 1802-1815.

The European Magazine and London Review. 1789-1815.

The Examiner. 1808-1815.

The Gentleman's and London Magazine. 1789-1815.

The Gentleman's Magazine. 1789-1815.

The Hull Packet. 1793-1815.

The Lady's Magazine. 1789-1815.

The London Chronicle. 1789-1814.

The Meteor, or Monthly Censor. 1813-1814.

The Meteors. 1799-1800.

The Monthly Magazine. 1796-1815.

The Monthly Mirror. 1795-1810.

The Morning Chronicle. 1790-1815.

The Morning Post. 1799-1805.

The New Monthly Magazine. 1814-1815.

The Poetical Magazine. 1809-1811.

The Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Poetry. 1802-1814.

The Satirist, or Monthly Meteor. 1808.

The Scots Magazine. 1789-1815.

The Star. 1793-1808.

The Times. 1789-1815.

The Tomahawk! or Censor General. 1795-1796.

The Tribune. 1795.

The Universal Magazine. 1809.

The Watchman. 1796.


Additional Sources for Poems

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