Table of Contents of Poems with Anonymous Authors

Table of Contents of Poems with Anonymous Authors

A British War Song
A Card to Subscribers
A Consolatory Epigrammatic Dialogue
A Danish Tale (A La Southey)
[A Droll Ballad]
A Family Dialogue, on a Son’s Wishing to Go to Sea
A Favourite Song
A Modern Ballad
A New Song
A New Song of Old Sayings
A New Song to an Old Tune
A Political Parody
A Sure Way to Prevent the Threatened Invasion by the French
A Word to the Wise
Additional Verse to “God Save the King”
(All Hail the Shouting Trumpet)
An Imitation
An Ode on the Restoration of Freedom to France

Britain’s Pre-Eminence
Britain’s Triumph, or the Dutch Well Dressed
Buonaparte’s Title to the Emperor of the French Vindicated

Cautions to England Against Waste, Corruption, and False Friends
Church and King
Colin’s Return to Sea

Dirge on the Death of Lord Nelson

Epigram on the Frequent Defeats of the French Army
Epistle from Tom Cribb to Big Ben, Concerning some Foul Play in a Late Transaction
Epitaph on General Custine
Erin Go Bra

First Siege of Saragossa

Good Advice

Harlequin’s Invasion
Horatio’s Death
Hudibras Improved!

Impromptu on the Late Fast

King Joe and Jo-king

La Sainte Guillotine
Lines Occasioned by Mr. Sheridan’s Poem on the Death of Col. Buller
Lord Castlereagh’s Patriotism
Louix XVI. to His Subjects

Mutat Fortuna Nomina Rerum
Mutiny at Portsmouth

Nelson and Buonaparte
Nelson’s Victory

Ode on the Anniversary of the Birthday of Burns
[Ode On the Big-Endiuns]
Ode to the Memory of the British Officers, Seamen, and Soldiers, who have fallen in the present War
Ode to War

On Lord Nelson’s sending a flag of truce to Copenhagen in the midst of victory
On the Burning of the French Bridges Over the Danube, by the Austrians
On the Five Kings of France
On the French Navy Being Cover’d with Glory
On the Invasion of Egypt by the French

Peace More Desirable Than War
Petition for a New War!
Political Integrity
Poor Joe
Pro Patria Mori

Robespierre’s Epitaph

Sequel to Poor Joe
Song on the New Affair of Copenhagen (not Lord Nelson’s)
Sonnet to Peace
Sonnet to W. Wilberforce
Stanzas, supposed to be written whilst the late Queen of France was sleeping, by her attendant in the Temple
Stop to a Stride
Suum Cuique!

The Absent Soldier’s Lament
The Age of War
The Bed of Roses
The Beggar Girl
The British Heroes
The Choice
The Cockle Shell and the Sea
The Crimp Serjeant
The Disastrous Administration
The Farmer and Labourer
The Favorite Song
The Field of Battle
The Generous Soldier
The Genius of France
The Good Old Times
The Humble Petition of the British Jacobins to their Brethren of France
The Invasion of 1796
The Miners’ Song
The Pilot that Moor’d Us in Peace
The Ploughman’s Ditty
The Republicans to the Devil
The Royal Feast
The Runaway Fox
The Soldier
The Soldier’s Friend
The Soldier’s Return
The Spirit of the Volunteers
The Substance of a Long Convention
The Tender’s Hold, Or, Sailor’s Complaint
The Triumph of Freedom
The Vision
The Voice of the British Isles
The Weird Jacobins
Tilsit Fair

To Sir A. W.
To the Continental Despots
Tom’s Triumph

Verses on seeing the Military Association going to Church on the Fast-Day in their Uniform