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Address to a Warrior
The Poetical Magazine, IV (1811), pp. 338-339

"Say, weary warrior! sinking, fainting, say,
    "Why is thy vest with deeper crimson dy'd?
"What are the earnings of thy toilsome day?
    "When will thy greedy sword be satisfy'd?

"Say, will the laurels Fame on thee bestows,
    "Twin'd with the widow's curse and orphan's cry,
"The mother's anguish and the father's woes,
    "Refresh thy soul, illume thy languid eye?

"Saw'st thou not, cloak'd with zeal, fell Fury's pow'rs?
    "Heard'st thou not Murder laugh 'neath Honour's shield?
"And Death, tho' deck'd with Glory's brightest flow'rs,
    "Reign uncontroll'd the tyrant of the field?

"No life-entreating whisper couldst thou hear,
    "But stern refus'd thy fallen foe-man grace;
"Despised Pity shed the silent tear,
    "Rejected Mercy hid her blushing face!

"O, weary warrior! shun the haunts of War;
    "Let thy polluted hands from slaughter cease;
"With rapture hail the brighter morning star,
    "And promis'd blessing of eternal peace!

"Then shall not fell Revenge thy bosom burn,
    "For reeking falchions shall prepare the shore;
"Blood-streaming spears to pruning-hooks shall turn,
    "And jarring nations follow war no more!"

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