1810 6

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On Mr. West'sPicture of the Death of Lord Nelson[1]
Caleb Whitefoord [2]
The European Magazine, LVII (May, 1810), p. 381

When our brave NELSON had o'er come the foe,
Death at that moment laid the victor low!
A second life, oh West! thy pencil gives,
Again the hero on thy canvass lives;
Death, the great conq'ror stopp'd brave Nelson's breath,
West with victorious colours conquers Death.


1. Benjamin West (1738-1820), artist and history painter to George III. West was president of the Royal Academy (1792-1820), and popularized modern costume in history painting.

2. Caleb Whitefoord (1734-1810) owned a wineshop in London at 8 Croven St. where he became an intimate friend of his neighbor, Benjamin Franklin. This friendship led to Whitefoord's being chosen by Shelburne as intermediary between England and Franklin as Minister of the United States at Versailles in 1782. Whitefoord contributed to newspapers and periodicals and was also a noted art collector.

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