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War Songs
No. 1
The Anthenaeum, V (March, 1809), p. 241

Lady, 'tis sweet at twilight hour,
    When curious eyes have pry'd in vain,
To sit conceal'd in leafy bow'r,
    And softly sigh with am'rous pain,
To her who softly sighs again,
    Whilst rival youths forgotten rove,
And to unconscious wilds complain
    Of faithful unrequited love:

But sweeter, Lady, sweeter far,
    Then leafy bow'r and loving dame,
First in the bloody van of war
    To reap the victor's glorious fame,
And hear a nation's loud acclaim,
    As gazing o'er his gory spoils,
They hail their darling warrior's name,
    And bless his long triumphant toils.


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