1808 8

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"Sorrowful Solomon"
The Morning Chronicle (July 14, 1808)

"Woe to the Tyrant France!" cries drooping Spain—
    "Help, Britons! Spain begins the mighty work!"—
Proud Britain arms—and, o'er the wond'ring main,
    Oh! Esop's mountain!—sends the D--- of Y--k![1]


1. Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (1763-1827) was the second son of George III. In 1798 he became Commander-in-Chief of the Army, but in 1808 a scandal broke out involving his mistress, Mrs. Mary Anne Clarke. She was accused of receiving bribes in return for commissions in the Army. Although he was acquitted by the House of Commons, he resigned as Commander-in-Chief in 1809.

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