1808 12

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King JOE and JO-king![1]
The Morning Chronicle (August 15, 1808)

Quoth NAP to his Brother, "What makes you so sad?
"If thus wildly you look, Folks will think you've
                      turn'd mad!"
        Poor JOSEPH deep sighed,
        And dolorously cried—
His visage most ruefully stroking—
        "'Tis all over, you know,
        "With wretched King Joe,
And sure it is no time for Jo-king!"


1. In March, 1808, Spain was invaded by 100,000 French troops, Charles IV abdicated in favor of his son Ferdinand, and in May 1808 both renounced the throne whereupon Napoleon's brother Joseph became King of Spain. By mid-August, the British under Sir Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) had laid heavy siege to the French who were finally defeated at Vimeiro on August 21, 1808. The British were aided by the popular insurrection in Spain which began with Joseph's Coronation.

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