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On the Death of Lord Nelson

“S. B.”
[S. Buller]
The Gentleman's Magazine, LXXV (November 1805), p. 1046
The Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Verse, V (1807), p. 283 [1]

While notes of triumph swell the gale,
Why sits BRITANNIA sad and pale
                               In the hour of victory?

She mourns her gallant Hero dead,
She weeps that matchless NELSON bled,
And pensive bows her laurel'd head,
                               In the hour of victory!

O Chief, she cries, to Britons dear,
For thee be shed Britannia's tear,
                               In the hour of victory!

Chief of the lion's dauntless soul,
From Egypt's shore to Norway's pole,
'Twas thine to bid my thunders roll,
                              In the hour of victory!

For thee shall spotless Honour grieve,
And cypress midst his laurels weave,
                              In the hour of victory!

On thee shall grateful Memory dwell,
And ages yet unborn shall tell
How NELSON fought, how NELSON fell,
                              In the hour of victory!

Heir of Immortal Glory now,
Protector of the brave be thou,
                              In the hour of victory!

Teach thou the valiant, good and great,
Thy high exploits to emulate,
And fearless smile like thee on fate,
                              In the hour of victory!

Shrewsbury, November 7.


1. This poem appears in The Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Verse with the signature "S. Buller."

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