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Erin Go Bra
The Anti-Gallican (1804), p. 412

Since Erin go bra is the song of the sod,
    And adds zest to each Irishman's toast;
Let our land in proud duty be consciously trod,
    And be patriot virtue our boast.

United and firm, each attempt to oppose
    From allegiance our minds that would draw;
Of duty the friends, of sedition the foes,
    So shall honour sing Erin go bra.

Than in Ireland, where nobler accomplishments meet,
    Let them shew me the country who can;
'Tis the region of wit, hospitality's seat,
    And for courage they'll fight to a man.

But as health breeds excrescences, spots dim the sun,
    And the diamond exhibits a flaw;
By indulgence to errors our hearts shall be won,
    While old England sings Erin go bra.

Ye deluded turn back; in a profligate crew
    Who seek misery and shame without end;
Shake off disaffection, to duty be true,
    And cherish your natural friend.

Be your only contention which fortunate isle
    Shall our mutual enemies awe;
True glory shall court you, gay commerce shall smile,
    And the world shall sing Erin go bra.

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