1804 13

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Bonaparte's Coronation:
An Infernal Ode

The Star (December 14, 1804)

Furies! shake the scorpion lash;
    Imps! the song of joy begin;
Till the roof of Hell shall clash,
    Smitten with the gladsome din!
        Fiends and Imps, and Daemons dance,
        Bonaparte is Lord of France!

Murder! draw thy midnight blade,
    Reeking yet from ENGHEIN'S veins!
Rapine! rise, and, lapping, wade
    Deep thro' Europe's gory plains!
        Ev'ry bird of prey rejoice
        Flap the wing, and strain the voice.

Poison! fill the lurid vase;
    Many a drop of death distil:
Treach'ry! mask'd in Friendship's face,
    Many a cell with victims fill:
        Ev'ry foe to Man rejoice,
        Clap the hands, and raise the voice!

Hell! send forth the joyous sound,
    Till th' astonish'd earth shall ring;
Thund'ring back, with dread rebound,
    Live the Tyrant Gallic King!
        Murder, Poison, Rapine, Dance,
        Bonaparte is Lord of France!

Slav'ry! shout, and clang thy chains!
    Stretch o'er earth thine iron rod!
Hypocrisy! th' apostate reigns,
    And greets the Pope, who erst bely'd his God!
        Ev'ry Child of Faith bemoan,
        Smite the breast, and heave a groan!

En inferis.

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