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A British War Song
The Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Poetry, II (1803), p. 417

Quit the plough, the loom, the mine!
Quit the joys the heart intwine!
Join our brothers on the brine;
    Arm, ye brave! or slavery!

Peace, so lov'd, away is fled;
War shall leave his iron bed;
To your arms, avengers dread!
    Strike, oh strike at tyranny!—

For our homes—our all—our name!
Blast again the tyrant's aim;
Britain's wrongs—swift vengeance claim,
    Rush to arms—or slavery!

Lo! the shades of Britons proud!
Hear them in yon flitting cloud!
"Freedom, Children, or a shroud!
    "Chuse with British bravery."

Heroes of the sea—the shore!
Quit your laurel'd rest once more:—
Dreadly rouze the battle's roar,—
    Vengeance hurl on tyranny!

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