1803 15

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The Soldier's Prayer
In the Field of Battle
“E. P.”
The Gentleman's Magazine, LXXIII (Supp. 1803), p. 1237

God of my fathers! guide my way
    Amidst the Battle's fierce alarms;
Grant me to see, this dreadful day,
    The triumph of my Country's arms.

Yet not my will, but thine be done,
    If thy high wisdom doom my fall,
Tho' short the race of life I've run,
    I die content at Duty's call.

Then, if thy grace my prayer accord,
    Th' expression of my parting breath,
Grateful, I'll bless thy goodness, Lord!
    And smile amidst the pangs of Death.

"May my transgressions of thy will
    Find mercy thro' my Saviour's name!
May my lov'd Country, freed from ill,
    Long flourish in unbounded fame!"

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