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For Christmas Day, 1803
“W. R.”
The Hull Packet, (December 27, 1803)

(A Contrast.)

Britons, tune the joyful lay,
Hail the sacred natal day;
Join the angelic songs above,
Songs to praise redeeming love.

British Christians still are found
Glorying in the gospel's sound;
Celebrating still on earth,
The year of Christ! THE SAVIOUR'S BIRTH.

FRANCE hath God and man defied,
To dethrone them both hath tried:
"Who is God?" their acts have said,
"We establish the Decade."[1]

Consecrates the impious feast,
Makes the law of God a jest;
Casts the Christian year away,
Abrogates the Sabbath-day.

HAPPY BRITAIN! favoured ground!
Pure religion still is found;
Cherish'd by a Sovereign's hand,
Britain still is Freedom's land!

BRITISH CHRISTIANS! join your lays,
Sing the great REDEEMER'S praise:
Praising, pray,—and praying, sing,
God preserve our Church and King.

God hath saved us heretofore,
Let us now his name adore;
Seek for mercy at his hand,

Hull, 25th December, 1803.


1. [Author's note]: "That is, every 10th day, in opposition to God's command of every 7th day as Sabbath."

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