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The Spirit of the Volunteers
The Morning Chronicle (July 2, 1802)

A New Song.

Set to Music by an Eminent Composer—and Dedicated to Lieutenant-General Lord Hutchinson.

Ye Volunteers—BRITANNIA'S pride—
    Round FREEDOM'S standard throng;
By friendship, zeal and blood ally'd,
    Now raise the exulting song.


The Chief renowned on Egypt's sands,
    To FAME and HONOUR dear,
To GLORY calls your patriot bands,
    And lures the Volunteer.

He'll lead, not check your generous rage,
    To charge the vaunting foe,
But heart and hand with you engage,
     And deal the vengeful blow.
                            The Chief renowned, &c.

Then proudly boast the Senate's thanks,
    And rally round the Throne:
No tempting bounty fills your ranks,
    'Tis LIBERTY alone.
                            The Chief renowned, &c.

Bold Scots! who ha wi' WALLACE bled,[1]
    And won a deathless name:—
Scots! by heroic MOIRA led!
    Revive your fathers' fame.
                            The Chief renowned, &c.

Enchanting BEAUTY round you shines—
    Her soldiers calls to arms;
For you victorious laurel twines—
    O, shield her sacred charms.
                            The Chief renowned, &c.

Bright FREEDOM'S sword glews in each hand,
    To smite yon host of slaves;
Her glorious sceptre sways your land,
    And rules Old OCEAN'S waves.
                            The Chief renowned, &c.


1. [Author's note]: "Burns."

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