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Freedom and Peace
“G. Dyer”
[George Dyer]
The Morning Chronicle (November 21, 1801)

When long thick Tempests waste the Plain
    And Lightnings cleave an angry Sky,
Sorrow invades each anxious Swain—
    And trembling Nymphs to shelter fly!
But let the Sun illume the skies,
They hail his beam with grateful eyes.

So, when fierce ZEAL a Nation rends,
    And stern INJUSTICE rules the Throne,
Beneath the Yoke meek VIRTUE bends,
    And modest TRUTH is heard to groan!
But, when fair FREEDOM's Star appears,
Hush'd are their sighs and calm'd their fears.

And who, when Nations long oppress'd
    Decree to curb th' Oppressor's pride,
And Patriot Virtues fire the breast,
    Who shall the gen'rous ardour chide?
What shall withstand the great Decree,
When a brave Nation WILL BE FREE?

Thus GREECE repell'd her num'rous foes;
    Thus BRITAIN curb'd a STUART'S race;
Thus GALLIA'S Sons to Glory rose,
    Heralds of Peace to future days;
And thus MAY ALL the Nations rise,
And shout their Triumphs to the skies!

The Wars of ages thus decided,
    Commerce shall bless each smiling Land;
And Man from Man no more divided,
    In Peace shall live, a friendly band!
But Tyrants, with their glare of pow'r,
Like Meteors fall—to rise no more!

Then blooming Youths and Sages hoary
    Shall sing the deeds of ancient days,
And tender Virgins learn the story,
    And Children lisp their Grandsire's praise;
The Heav'ns shall smile and Earth be gay,
If PEACE with FREEDOM rule the day!

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