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A New Song
“G. F. S.”
The Courier (December 27, 1800)

To the tune of "The tight little island."

Tho' of Emp'rors and Kings, and all such fine things,
    Historians and novelists bawl-o;
Yet none e'er shone in store, with half so much glory,
    As the great Russian Emperor Paul-o.

Then oh! sing of Emperor Paul-o, magnanimous Emperor
No one ever was known so deserving the throne,
    As the valorous Emperor Paul-o!

    When a promise he made, that he France would invade,
        And soon humble ev'ry proud Gaul-o,
    Ev'ry one 'gan to raise his weak voice in the praise
        Of our ally, the great Emperor Paul-o;
What a friend was the Emperor Paul-o, quite a bulwark was
                              Petersburgh Paul-o!
And 'twas every one's sure hope, the Saviour of Europe
    Would be found in the Emperor Paul-o!

    Just when he was so hearty, up jumps Bonaparte,
        For in truth, Sir, his hopes were quite small-o;
    Yet by dint of intrigue, he soon broke up the league
        Between us and the Emperor Paul-o.—
Oh faithless Emperor Paul-o! Changeable Emperor Paul-o!
It must raise our surprise to hear so many lies
    From his Honour the Emperor Paul-o.[1]

    Then he fram'd a pretence, without reason or sense,
        To make us give Malta up all-o,
    For he thought that his might would put Britons in
        As he was the great Master Paul-o;
No, no, my dear sweet Master Paul-o, you're quite in the
                              wrong, Mr. Paul-o,
We're too much enlighten'd to be at all frighten'd
    By the threats of the Emperor Paul-o,

    Upon this he began to enlist every man,
        And his troops all together to call-o,
    And his messengers far-go to lay an embargo,
        By orders of Emperor Paul-o:
For says he, I'm the Emperor Paul-o; they shall suffer
                              says Emperor Paul-o,
And my standard unfurl'd shall astonish the world,
    For there's war between Britain and Paul-o!

    So it's in contemplation to make proclamation
        To our Admirals, both short, Sir, and tall-o,
    To seize on his fleet, the moment they see't,
        And retaliate on Emperor Paul-o.

So take care, my dear Emperor Paul-o; you'll repent of
                              this, Emperor Paul-o;
For if we send Nelson, he surely will tell soon,
    Some news of the vessels of Paul-o.

Oxfordshire, 19th Dec.


1. In October 1799 Paul I of Russia withdrew from the Second Coalition. Because of Malta's strategic location, Russia, Britain, and France fought to gain possession of the island.

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