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Suum Cuique![1]
The Courier (September 18, 1798)

On the late happy news from Hibernia sent over,
How Lake has been able his luck to recover,
And the French, without cannon, commanded by Humbert,
Have surrendered their arms to full six times their number,
It surely no wonder in Britain can raise,
To observe what large numbers have merited praise,
For 'tis just, who to numbers their victories owe,
To numbers their thanks in return should bestow.
Then let us all join in the warm commendation
Exprest by our Chiefs with such discrimination;
Thank the Officers' skill, and the Soldiers' great merit,
For marching with zeal, and for walking with spirit.
But oh! above all, thank the temperate Yeomen,
That they murder'd no children and ravish'd no women.


1. "To each his own."

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