1798 3

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The Bo-Peep Squadron
The Spanish Admiral Masseredo

to the English Admiral Lord St. Vincent[1]
"An Amatuer"
The European Magazine, XXXIII (May 1798), p. 333

"Bo-Peep!" quoth prudent Masseredo,
    As he from Cadiz harbour pops;
"Thou shalt not, great tho' our bravado,
    "Entice us to thy channel's chops.

"When thou, Great Vincent! dost appear,
    "And from thy Ville de Paris thunder,
"Our crews are paralyz'd with fear,
    "Or fixt immoveably with wonder."

So have I seen a cautious rat,
    His head thrust thro' a crannied room,
But spying near a watchful cat,
    Would peep, but further not presume.


1. John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent (1738-1823). The Battle of St. Vincent took place on February 14, 1797.

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