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On the Death of Captain Westcott,
Of his Majesty's Ship Majestick; who fell
gloriously, on the First of August
, 1798
"J. C."
[Dr. Crane]
The Gentleman's Magazine, LXVIII (November 1798)

(By Dr. Crane)

"Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori."

The gen'rous love of Fame—the noble strife—
That grasps at Honour, at the risk of Life,
(To vulgar souls unknown,) inspires the brave
To bid defiance to the yawning grave:
The dreadful gulph thus Quintus Curtius try'd,
Plung'd in the deep abyss—and greatly died.
With equal zeal, nor with less ardour fir'd,
Brave Westcott in his country's cause expir'd;
Whilst all confess, that glorious is his fate,
Prais'd—wept—and honour'd, by the good, and


1. This is one of hundreds of similar verses which appeared throughout the war years.

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