1795 17

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On Mister Surgeon Thelwall
"Jack Bull"
The Tomahawk (October 27, 1795)

Poor Mister Thelwall[1] has exhausted
    All his little stock of wit,
The fellow merits—to be hoisted;
    So high he soars—to pick a bit.

He dealt with resurrection-men,
    To make the Quick rise now he's at;
But sure we cannot wonder, when
    The fellow is a Democrat!

If he would eat in peace his bread,
    Why let him follow ancient thriving;
Go pick the BONES then of the dead
    And not the POCKETS of the living!


1. In May, 1794, John Thelwall, along with Thomas Hardy and Horne Tooke, were charged with high treason. They were all acquitted in December, 1794.

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