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Kate of Dover
“Mr. Hook”
The Morning Post (October 1, 1795)

Sung By Mr. Dignum.

Composed by Mr. Hook.

Ned Flint was lov'd by all the ship,
    Was tender-hearted, bold, and true,
He'd work his way, or drink his flip,
    With e'er a seaman in the crew.
Tho' Ned had fac'd his country's foe,
    And twice had sail'd the world all over,
And seen his messmates oft laid low,
    Yet wou'd he sigh, he wou'd sigh, for
               Kate of Dover.

Fair was the morn when on the shore,
    Ned flew to take of Kate his leave.
Says he my love, your grief give o'er,
    For Ned can ne'er his Kate deceive.
Let Fortune smile, or let her frown,
    To you I ne'er will prove a rover;
All cares in gen'rous flip I'll drown,
    And still be true to Kate of Dover.

The tow'ring cliffs they bade adieu
    To brave all dangers on the main,
When lo! a sail appear'd in view,
    And Ned with many a Tar was slain.
Thus Death, who lays each Hero low,
    Robb'd Kitty of her faithful Lover;
The Tars oft' tell the tale of woe,
    And heave a sigh for Kate of Dover.

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