1794 8

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The Cambridge Intelligencer (March 15, 1794)

Sung at a Meeting of the Friends of Peace and Reform in
Sheffield, held on the late Fast Day.

O GOD of Hosts, thine Ear incline,
Regard our Prayers, our Cause be thine;
When Orphans cry, when Babes complain,
When Widows weep—can'st thou refrain?

Now red and terrible thine Hand,
Scourges with WAR our guilty Land:
Europe thy flaming Vengeance feels,
And from her deep Foundation reels.

Her Rivers bleed like mighty Veins;
Her Towers are Ashes, Graves her plains;
Slaughter her groaning Vallies fills,
And reeking Carnage melts her Hills.

O THOU! whose awful Word can bind,
The raging Waves, the raving Wind,
Mad TYRANTS tame; break down the High
Whose haughty Foreheads beat the Sky;

Make bare thine Arm, great King of Kings!
That Arm alone Salvation brings,
That Wonder-working Arm which broke,
From Israel's Neck th' Egyptian Yoke.

Burst every Dungeon, every Chain;
Give injur'd Slaves their Rights again;
Let TRUTH prevail, let Discord cease;
Speak—and the World shall smile in PEACE!

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