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The Triumph of Freedom
The Cambridge Intelligencer (November 29, 1794)

The Trumpet of Liberty sounds through the World,
    And the universe starts at the sound,
Her Standard Philosophy's hand has unfurl'd,
    And the Nations are thronging around.


        Fall Tyrants! fall! fall! fall!
    These are the Days of Liberty!
        Fall Tyrants! fall!

How noble the Ardor that seizes the Soul!
     How it bursts from the Yoke and the Chain!
What Powers can the Fervor of Freedom controul,
    Or its terrible Vengeance refrain,
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! etc.

Proud Castles of Despotism, Dungeons, and Cells,
    The Tempest shall sweep you away;
From the East to the West the dread Hurricane
    And the Tyrants are chill'd with Dismay.
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! etc.

The Slave on whose Neck the proud Despot has trod,
    Now feels that Himself is a Man,
While the Lordly Usurper, who rul'd with a Nod,
    Hides his Head 'midst his Servile Divan.
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! &c.

Poor Vassals, who crawl by the Vistula's stream,
    Hear, Hear the glad Call and obey!
Rise, Nations, who worship the Sun's sacred Beam,
    And drive your Pizaroes away.
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! &c.

The cruel Dominion of Priestcraft is o'er,
    Its Thunders, its Faggots, and Chains;
Mankind will endure the vile Bondage no more,
    While Religion its freedom maintains.
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! &c.

Shall Britons the Chorus of Liberty hear,
    With a cold and insensible mind?
No—the Triumph of Freedom each Briton shall
And contend for the Rights on Mankind.
                                  Fall Tyrants! fall! &c.

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