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Romantic Circles Electronic Editions offers a searchable archive of texts of the Romantic era, enhanced by technology made possible in an online environment. Each edition is based on the highest scholarly standards and is peer-reviewed.

Section Editor: Michele Speitz

November 1998
A John Keats Letter Rediscovered

Includes introduction, diplomatic transcription, & notes.
Edited by:
October 1998
"Verses" and The Keepsake for 1829 | 1829

Includes introduction, diplomatic transcriptions, facsimile pages, biography, bibliography, & commentary.
May 1998
Letter to the Women of England | 1799

Includes introduction, transcriptions, reviews, letters to and from Robinson, selected poems, bibliography, & notes.
March 1998
The Political House that Jack Built | 1819

Includes diplomatic transcription of the title page and Hone's verse text, as well as the poem "The Clerical Magistrate". Also offers original illustrations by George Cruikshank, a William Hone chronology, & annotated bibliography.
Edited by:
October 1997
The Last Man | 1826

Includes HTML, ASCII, and SGML versions, other works by Mary Shelley, works and excerpts from works cited by Shelley, bibliography, maps, images & sound files, critical essays, contemporary works on plague, notes.
Edited by:
September 1997
"The Mortal Immortal" | 1833

Includes HTML and ASCII versions, related contemporary literary works, critical bibliography, print history, images, writings on the text, & notes.
September 1997
The Devil's Walk

Includes HTML formatted texts, editors' introduction, critically edited text, diplomatic transcription, photofacsimile, & clear reading texts. Also includes collations, bibliography, and notes.
February 1997
On The Medusa of Leonardo da Vinci in the Florentine Gallery

Includes dialogic commentary; critical essays by Jerome J. McGann, W.J.T. Mitchell, and Grant F. Scott; images; bibliography; & notes.


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