711. Robert Southey to Mary Barker, 1 September 1802

711. Robert Southey to Mary Barker, 1 September 1802 ⁠* 

I was on the brink of writing to enquire what in Gods name was become of you – when your letter came – & since that to scold you for not writing sooner – & now to tell you that yesterday evening my daughter Margaret Edith made her appearance.

Edith is as well as possible, the child a fine animal, fat – rather less ugly than is usual – & with all good animal propensities to feeding & sleeping.

There is an omission in the Book of Genesis, [1]  child bearing is mentioned as the womans curse. the mans was forgotten – it is to be in the house at the time –

God bless you. can you in conscience grumble to day at my brevity?

R. Southey.

Sept. 1. 1801.

I have not got Carlisles prescription. it was Terra Japonica [2]  – steel & myrrh. – but if you want tonics the Red Sulphat of Iron is the best – the which if you cannot get I will procure & send you as you shall direct.


* MS: MS untraced; text is taken from Robert Galloway Kirkpatrick Jnr, ‘The Letters of Robert Southey to Mary Barker From 1800 to 1826’ (unpublished PhD, Harvard, 1967), p. 37
Dating note: Misdated 1801 by Southey; content indicates this letter is from 1802. BACK

[1] Genesis 3: 16. BACK

[2] A plant extract in common use as an astringent. BACK

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