611. Robert Southey to Charles Biddlecombe, 6 October 1801

611. Robert Southey to Charles Biddlecombe, 6 October 1801 ⁠* 

Oct. 6. 1801. Keswick

My dear friend

I was absent, wandering in Wales when your letter arrived, & am on my return so hastily hurried away, that barely time is left me to reply to the business it contained.

About the beds my Mother knows best & she will determine. the drawers are to be sold – the books could not go in them, & will travel safer in boxes. once more let me apologize for the trouble given you. it does not sit easy on my conscience.

Tomorrow I depart for Dublin. you may suppose that it will be no small comfort to shake hands with Rickman in a strange land. I will write from thence at my first leisure & send you a direction. Mrs S.s remembrance. mine also to your good mother [1]  & Mr Coleman. [2] 

yrs very truly

R Southey

What money remains after you have paid yourself – & my little bill to Quartley [3]  – remit my Mother under cover to Mr DanversKingsdown. Bristol.


* Address: To/ Charles Biddlecombe Esqr/ Burton/ Ringwood/ Single
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
Postmark: E/ OCT 9/ 1801
MS: Berg Collection, New York Public Library. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] The first name and dates of Mrs Biddlecombe are unrecorded. BACK

[2] Unidentified; probably an acquaintance of Southey from his residence at Burton, 1797 and 1799. BACK

[3] Dr Quartley (first name and dates unknown), the medical practitioner at Christchurch. BACK

People mentioned

Southey, Margaret (1752–1802) (mentioned 2 times)
Rickman, John (1771–1840) (mentioned 1 time)
Fricker, Edith (1774–1837) (mentioned 1 time)

Places mentioned

Dublin (mentioned 1 time)
Burton (mentioned 1 time)
Danvers’s, Kingsdown, Bristol (mentioned 1 time)
Keswick (mentioned 1 time)