594. Robert Southey to John King, [27 July 1801]

594. Robert Southey to John King, [27 July 1801] ⁠* 

Mr Butler, [1]  our fellow-traveller, is desirous of inhaling the air of beatification. [2]  I thought I might give him a draft on you for a bag-full. he will announce our safe arrival at Worcester.

yrs truly

R Southey.

Monday morning.


* Address: Mr King/ Pneumatic Institution –/ Dowry Square –
MS: Beinecke Library, Osborn MSS File ‘S’, Folder 14132. ALS; 2p.
Dating note: Southey announced in his letter to John May of Sunday, 26 July 1801, Letter 593, that he was just about to leave for Worcester. As this letter is dated ‘Monday morning’, it was probably written on the following day. BACK

[1] Mr Butler’s first name and dates are unknown. BACK

[2] Nitrous oxide, which Southey had inhaled as part of the experiments at the Pneumatic Institute, Bristol. BACK