576b. Robert Southey to Manuel do Cenáculo, Bishop of Beja, 11 April 1801 [translation] 

576b. Robert Southey to Manuel do Cenáculo, Bishop of Beja, 11 April 1801 [translation]⁠* 

Most Excellent Sir

We certainly cannot allow this occasion to pass without expressing to you how sensible we are of the courtesies received in Beja, as also the great advantage which we have derived from your recommendation, having today been very well served; and Senhor John of the Palm [1]  has procured mules for us, and shown us the curiosities of this place.

Another favour we still seek, and that is that the errors in construction and in language may be forgiven.

Hoping that Your Excellency may enjoy for many years all possible happiness, I and my friend remaining always

Your most grateful servants,

R. Southey.

Castro. April 11. 1801


* Address: To His Excellency the Bishop/ of/ Beja/ Whom God Preserve for Many Years
MS: Biblioteca Publica de Évora. TR; 2p. (c).
Previously published: S. George West, ‘Robert Southey, Herbert Hill and the Bishop of Beja’, in the Ninth Annual Report of the Historical Association, Lisbon Branch (Lisbon, 1943), p. 554 [from where this translation is taken]; Adolfo Cabral, Southey E Portugal 1774-1801: Aspectos de Uma Biografia Literaria (Lisbon, 1959), pp. 346-347; Adolfo Cabral (ed.), Robert Southey: Journals of a Residence in Portugal 1800-1801 and a Visit to France 1838 (Oxford, 1960), pp. 162-163.
Note on the MS: The letter is written in another, unknown hand, though the signature is probably Southey’s. The Portuguese original is to be found in Letter 576a. BACK

[1] Parish priest at Castro Verde, which Southey wished to visit. It was near the battlefield of Ourique, where the Portuguese had won a great victory in 1139. BACK