1560. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 31 December 1808

1560. Robert Southey to Herbert Hill, 31 December 1808 ⁠* 

I had all the books from Bristol sent here as soon as my determination of abiding among the mountains was made, – because they were suffering from damp, & were a constant source of trouble, vexation & expence: – otherwise there are many among them which I should not have packed up myself. Here is only your Lisbon-bound copy of Batalha. [1]  Roys book is here, [2]  completely unpasted by the damp, but without any other injury than this, which the bookbinder will perfectly repair. Johnsons & Postlethwaites Dictionaries [3]  have suffered materially by the damp, – so have the Athenian Letters [4]  – a book only to be regretted as being costly, – these are the only ones that have been injured by this cause. But Lisbon packing has hurt the Theocritus, [5]  & your large paper Joan of Arc. [6]  – Your Paley [7]  & Lady Russels Letters [8]  shall be sent with an odd volume of L’Esprit de le Ligne (to compleat your set – for I packed up the other two for you in town) – as soon as my second batch of copy for the printer is ready for its journey to Staunton – which it will be as soon as I have filled up the gap between Vasconcellos [9]  & Berredo. [10]  This I am doing by an account of the state of Bahia & the Reconcave at the time of the Usurpation, [11]  – from the Noticias, [12]  by the history of our English trade & piracy from Hakluyt <& Purchas>, [13]  – & by the affairs of Paraguay. In this last, which scanty materials render the most difficult of the whole, I keep only to those parts of the country which are contiguous to my own ground, -either on the side of the Matto grosso, – or of the Uraguay, <or the Plata> having nothing to do with Tucuman. The Spaniards, after Ercilla [14]  set the fashion had an odd custom of writing history in verse, – & after all the investigation which I have been able to make, I cannot learn that there is any other history of the last foundation of Buenos Ayres, & the transactions of those times than what is given in the Argentina, which Barcia has for this reason printed among the Historiadores. [15]  The first establishment of the Jesuits in Quayra belongs to this period, & I must be content with the abridged Techo in Churchill, [16]  & with Charlevoix [17]  (doubly a liar, by his xx country, & by his order) – unless any better documents are to be had from the Advocates Library at Edinburgh, – upon which forlorn hope I am about to write to Walter Scott. [18]  It is not of much importance, – in this sort of history the detail is generally made <up> of lies, & that form of generalizing narrative which is usually the trick of ignorance, is here the only means of avoiding falsehood. – These skeleton chapters will soon be filled up, & I shall send you the second portion of the volume, time enough to be returned to me for revision before Pople has got thro the first. I have corrected three sheets. – Will you send me your account of the falls of the Parana, which ought to be inserted here, that in Techo is the most monstrous exaggeration I have ever seen. [19] 

The Athenaeum gives scientific & literary news better than the Monthly Magazine, – in other respects they are pretty much what <as> Coleridge characterised them when upon Dr Aikins having been turned out of the one, & setting up the other, he was asked his opinion of their comparative merits – the one, said he, is an Aching Void, & the other a Void Aikin. The new Review [20]  I suppose will soon start, – Gifford wished to have my article by the 25th, – & he had it the day after – It relates wholly to the Baptist Mission, & I shall be enabled to judge by his admission, or his alterations of it, whether his journal is to be one in which I can honourably & conscientiously co-operate. [21]  I shall write two other articles upon the South Sea, & the South African Missions, – & if they prove in too manly a train of thought or language for him & his patrons (which however is not very likely) the whole may well be united in a seperate volume as a View & Vindication of the Existing Protestant Missions. [22]  My way of thinking will neither satisfy the Saints nor the Sinners, – but it will satisfy sincere & sober Christians, & sound reasoners.

O Is my aunt a reader of verses? – I ask this for two reasons, – because if she has not got Wordsworths Poems [23]  I wish to send them to her, – & because, notwithstanding the deformity of my working hand writing, I write manuscripts which are very much admired for their kalligraphy, & poetry has a sort of value in that shape, which is does not seem to possess after it has gone thro the Printers hands.

God bless you.


Dec. 31. 1808


* Address: To/ The Reverend Herbert Hill/ Staunton upon Wye/ Hereford
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
MS: Keswick Museum. ALS; 4p.
Unpublished. BACK

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[23] Southey arranged for Catherine Hill to be sent Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads and other Poems, 2 vols (1800) and Poems in Two Volumes (1807); see Southey to Herbert Hill, 8 March 1809, Letter 1596. BACK

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