1361. Robert Southey to Samuel Reid, 20 September 1807

1361. Robert Southey to Samuel Reid, 20 September 1807 ⁠* 

My dear Reid

Your letter has slipt my memory by slipping under some papers out of sight – I beg your pardon for this very unintentional neglect.

There is little or no chance of procuring any of the books you mention in England. A copy of the Partidas [1]  was wanted for the defence of that scoundrel General Picton, [2]  & his council after long search were glad to xxx meet with one in Heber’s library. I have one & should be glad if I could spare it, – but it is of such daily use that this is impossible. If Dr Toulmin [3]  pleases I will, with great pleasure, write to my Uncle to procure the books from Madrid, where, & where only, they are likely to be had, –but there is great reason to fear that before such a commission could be executed xxx xxx xxx xxx, either Spain or Portugal will be at war, or the English expelled from Lisbon this latter I confidently expect, as one xxx consequence of our buccaneering attempts on South America.

I have to thank you for the trouble you took with my packages, all of which xxx arrived in excellent order.  [4]  Edith & Mrs Lovell beg to be remembered to you & your mother – so does Tom – I have a little girl & little boy whom I hope you will one day be prevailed upon to form an acquaintance with & be introduced to Derwentwater & Skiddaw at the same time

yrs very truly

Robert Southey

Keswick. Sept 20. 1807


* Address: To Mr Samuel Reid/ [MS obscured]/ Liverpool
Stamped: [MS obscured]
Postmark: [MS obscured]
Endorsement: 1807 Robt Southey Keswick 20/ 22 Sept./ Respect. Books for Dr Toulmin his packages have arrived./ no answer required./ I wrote to Dr Toulmin Sept 22
MS: Princeton University Library. ALS; 3p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Southey owned Gregorio López de Tovar (1496–1560), Las Siete Partidas del Sabio Rey Don Alonso el Nono Glosadas (1789). BACK

[2] Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton (1758–1815; DNB) was convicted in 1806 of responsibility for the torture of a fourteen year-old slave girl while governor of Trinidad. BACK

[3] Joshua Toulmin (1740–1815; DNB), Unitarian minister. BACK

[4] Reid, who lived in Liverpool, had agreed to look out for several cargoes of books which had been sent to Southey by sea; see Southey to Charles Danvers, 20 April 1807 (Letter 1308) and Southey to John Theodore Koster, 20 August 1807 (Letter 1353). BACK

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