244. Robert Southey to William Owen [Pughe], 9 August 1797

244. Robert Southey to William Owen [Pughe], 9 August 1797 ⁠* 


I am very much obliged to you for the information you have so kindly afforded me. you will, I hope, excuse the liberty I take in still soliciting more.

I am taking Madoc to the Court of Owen Cyveiliōc. [1]  will you be kind enough to tell me where that Court was, whether at Mathraval? & to give me some little sketch of Cyveiliocs history. I shall make Madoc present at a Gorsedd in Powys, & must not omit to thank you for the knowledge I have gaind upon this & other branches of Welsh antiquities from your Llywarc Hen. [2] 

will you favour me with a letter? my direction is Burton. near Ringwood. Hampshire. I must likewise beg you to give me the pronunciation. am I right in calling him Cūvaīlïöc?

I am Sir

yr much obliged

Robert Southey.

August 9. 1797.


* MS: National Library of Wales, MS 13222C, p. 469. ALS; 1p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] Owain Cyveilioc (c. 1130–c. 1197), Prince of Powys and poet. BACK

[2] The Heroic Elegies and Other Pieces of Llywarç Hen, Prince of the Cumbrian Britons: With a Literal Translation, by William Owen (1792). BACK

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Burton (mentioned 1 time)