2595. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 7 May 1815

2595. Robert Southey to Grosvenor Charles Bedford, 7 May 1815 ⁠* 

–– Pessime Grosvenor! nequissimus hominum [1] 

The Senhora requests me to make an important inquiry respecting the Canadian emigrants, viz – what is the minimum sum which any person must have at command to be entitled to the grant of lands. It is very likely that her three brothers [2]  may go: two of them excellent men for colonists, – the third a bad subject but useful if in their company. – Their property has been wrecked in an Iron Foundry; & they have nothing to start with but what she can give them. I shall probably give you no farther trouble than to ascertain this point. Mr Wilson [3]  (one of the great London merchants) married an Aunt of theirs, & will I dare say take all the needful steps in making final arrangements, if the thing be feasible.

God bless you


7 May. 1815.

One of them is a good farmer.


* Address: To / G. C. Bedford Esqre / Exchequer/ Westminster
Stamped: KESWICK/ 298
Postmark: E/ 10 MY 10/ 1815
Endorsement: 7 May 1815
MS: Bodleian Library, MS Eng. Lett. c. 25. ALS; 2p.
Unpublished. BACK

[1] ‘Terrible Grosvenor! Most iniquitous of men’. BACK

[2] One of Mary Barker’s brothers was Frederick Barker (dates unknown), a constant source of worry. The names of her two other brothers are unknown. BACK

[3] Possibly Thomas Wilson of Hampstead (dates unknown), a merchant with interests in the West Indies and South America. BACK

People mentioned

Barker, Mary (c. 1780–1853) (mentioned 1 time)