2440. Robert Southey to [John Wilson Croker], 14 June 1814

2440. Robert Southey to [John Wilson Croker], 14 June 1814 ⁠* 

Keswick. June 14. 1814.

My dear Sir

To one who is employed as you are all preambles of apology &c are better dispensed with. I have written, partly from an apprehension that I might be considered as in duty bound so to do, – but still more from inclination, odes to the Prince Regent, the Emperor Alexander, & the King of Prussia. [1]  – You will think me under a perverse planet, – for having written like an orator in rhyme on a former occasion, [2]  & now writting odaically as you would xxx it <say>, without it. But so it is, – the ore was in fusion & ran into this form. Had there been time I should have requested you to see them before they got into irrevocable ink: but at this distance from town I am doubtful whether they are not already a day after the fair, & so too late to be published. – If however they should make their appearance I have one favour to solicit of you. It may be a proper mark of respect to send copies to the Personages to whom these Odes are addrest, – & it may be an improprer intrusion. Of this I am so little able to judge, that I intreat you to judge for me. The bookseller will send copies to you, & if it be proper to present them I rely upon your kindness to have them presented.

Believe me my dear Sir

Yours with the greatest respect

Robert Southey.


* Endorsement: Read/ Ansd
MS: Morgan Library, MA 1005. ALS; 2p.
Previously published: Myron F. Brightfield, John Wilson Croker (London, 1940), pp. 214–215. BACK

[1] Alexander I (1777–1825; Emperor of Russia 1801–1825); Frederick William III (1770–1840; King of Prussia 1797–1840) and the Prince Regent. The poems were published in book form as Congratulatory Odes. Odes to His Royal Highness The Prince Regent, His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Russia, and His Majesty the King of Prussia (1814). BACK

[2] Southey’s first Laureate Ode, Carmen Triumphale (1814). BACK

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George IV (1762–1830) (mentioned 1 time)

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